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Rízes = Greek for Roots

In functional medicine we focus on getting to the root cause, the why, of health conditions. Understanding the root cause(s) creates the roadmap for deep healing and lasting change.

Similarly, in East Asian medicine, we often talk about the "root and branch." The root is the underlying reason and the branch is the symptom or symptoms the person is dealing with now. Practitioners of East Asian medicine aim to treat at both levels - alleviating current discomforts while addressing the deeper imbalances.

Dashal Moore, LAc

My story: I found my way to both East Asian medicine and functional medicine first as a patient. In my mid-teens I developed Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. I had all the usual symptoms - major weight gain, extreme fatigue, constipation, indigestion, brain fog, poor memory, depression, my period disappeared, and I had a goiter. But I had poor access to medical care and thought of myself as too much of an outsider to listen to a regular doctor, so I spent the next 13 years feeling terrible. I tried bulimia, exercising hours a day, every diet, tons of coffee, and ultimately spent years thinking there was something deeply flawed about my character because nothing worked.


At 30, I was so tired of feeling tired that I went to see a doctor. My TPO antibodies - the test that is indicative of Hashimoto's - were off the charts. Medication helped me tremendously but the years of damage to my body had left a mess - my digestion was still awful, the medication didn't calm the inflammation, and my period was still absent. I decided to try acupuncture and it was like a light turned on. My period and energy returned and I slept better than I had in years. Fast forward a couple more years and I was still struggling with digestive issues. I turned to a naturopath who practiced functional medicine. That was the final puzzle piece. After 15 years, I felt at home in my body again. I look back at all that misery and I actually feel grateful. Through my struggle, I became fascinated with the human body - how it breaks down and how it rebuilds - and my love of holistic medicine took root. 

My goal has always been to become the kind of practitioner I wish I could have worked with during all those years I was struggling with my health. After 4 years of acupuncture school and another 1.5 years studying functional medicine, many additional courses focused on reproductive medicine and more than eight years of experience working with hundreds of patients, I am proudly the practitioner I set out to become. 

These days, when I'm not slaying the infertility (endo, menopause...) dragon, I am mothering my two fierce and funny daughters, debating who is going to wash the dishes with my lovely husband, and attempting to get in a few hikes or books in between. I am known for my cooking, my friendship, and my nerdiness. 

Education and Certifications

Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College, 2011-2016
Masters of Science, Highest Honors

University of California, Berkeley, 2004-2007

Bachelor of Arts, Ethnic Studies, Magna Cum Laude, Highest Honors

Women's Functional & Integrative Medicine Professional Training Program, 2021-2022

The most thorough functional medicine training program in the country, run by Yale-trained MD, master herbalist, and midwife, Dr. Aviva Romm.

Additional Major Courses

Mastering the Thyroid, Apex Energetics
Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry, Apex Energetics
Mastering Brain Chemistry, Apex Energetics
Functional Endocrinology, A
pex Energetics
The Treatment of Infertility Full Course, Jane Lyttleton
Sports Medicine Acupuncture & Tuina, Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan

As well as dozens of classes on reproductive health, East Asian medicine, and functional medicine. 
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the girls.HEIC

My Why

My mission is to be an active part of the shift toward healthcare that truly heals. My profound joy in my work is getting to be a partner in healing and family-building. (I seriously have the best job.)


Core values: ​

  • Empowerment through information - Knowledge and discernment empower us to make the best choices for our bodies and lives.

  • Listening heals - I listen to my patients' stories, to what matters to them. Listening to our body is where the best growth comes from. 

  • Change feels good - Women come to me because they want change. Change takes work but it is always possible. I consider it my job to be an expert in the strategies and treatments that will facilitate lasting and empowering change. 

Reproductive medicine is my jam for three reasons:

One, it is at the heart of the beautiful and sometimes incredibly hard transitions that often shape a woman's life: puberty, motherhood, and menopause.


Two, the types of support that are offered to women for reproductive health issues in conventional medicine are sorely lacking. We need proper diagnosis and high-quality, natural treatments in a loving setting for infertility, endometriosis, PCOS, menopause, and the full range of reproductive health issues that women face.

Three, when working with women who are longing to be mothers, the high that I get from seeing my patients with their new babies is beyond anything. I know what it feels like to desire motherhood deep in my bones and what it feels like to hold a new babe. I can't get enough of helping bring that sense of fullfillment into other women's lives. 

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